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Many of us get stuck in a hopeless grind of working 80-hour weeks, wasting precious cycles, trying way too many things that simply don’t work. Ugh, I've been there.


But it's not your fault: you've just never been given the systems you need to succeed.


My name is Christine. I'm an MIT grad and a serial entrepreneur. I have raised millions of dollars, have been part of multiple exits, and I'm passionate about helping founders grow faster with insider knowledge and "how to" advice.


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Each week I do a deep-dive into something new (but I make it fast to read and practical too).

The best part? It won't cost a cent.


It's my gift to the startup ecosystem. And who knows, maybe you'll love my advice so much, that one day you'll want to work with me directly too.

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~ Christine “Your New Founder Friend" Outram

I taught the CEO of ShoMe how to write investor emails that actually get meetings.

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Who Is Christine Outram anyway?

Let's put your mind at ease.

  1. MIT alum, inventor, and serial entrepreneur.

  2. Developed growth systems for B2B, B2C & B2B2C companies.

  3. Proud inventor and patent holder of an electric bike was featured on the TV Show, Weeds.

  4. All about creating systems that allow me to NOT work 24/7 in order to succeed. 

  5. I've shown over 400 entrepreneurs how to radically simplify their founder journey. (See what founders have to say)

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"Christine is insanely good at what she does. Investors commented that the deck she produced helped us stand out from the rest."

- Kusum Chanrai
Co-Founder, Aligned Investing

"We are a successfully funded and revenue-generating company who has hired Christine more than once. She's a master strategist and growth architect - I would recommend her anyone looking to grow their business."

- Sofya Polyakov
CEO, The Noun Project

"Christine! I honestly can't thank you enough. Last week I implemented the changes you suggested on our website and conversion rates have jumped by 3.5%. It's insane! Truly. I feel like I can relax."

- Lydia Jones, 
CEO, Mission Health